Black Bike Week

Never before have I experienced such staggering levels of cognitive dissonance.

On one hand, the documentary above presents a celebration of motorcycles and women, which in and of themselves are glorious. On the other hand, all that can be seen on screen is a messy and chaotic amalgamation of degeneration and “booty-claps.”

What is even more offensive is the idea purported by the narrator that these people are gathering in order to “celebrate the fallen soldiers of the U.S. Army.” I highly doubt that anyone of sufficient character or dignity would want to be “celebrated” this way.

Our fallen heroes must be rolling in their graves. Many good men have died all so people could gather and shake their lower fat-bags on top of motorcycles.

A lot of the footage tries to portray the women available as sexy, worthy of watching and chasing. Unfortunately, it merely highlights just how disgusting and out of shape these poor souls are.

Even the comparison between Black Bike Week and “White Bike Week” (i.e. Harley bike Week) falls flat. At least at White Bike Week I wouldn’t have to fear that my bike, wallet, or kidneys may get stolen. Plus there’s the added advantage of numerous nubile light-skinned beauties on display for the choosing. Overall it seems like the much better party, despite the narrator’s claim that Black Bike Week, or B.B.W. (Haha! Check out that awesome and oh so fitting acronym!) for having “better music.” Sure, the increase in sports bikes is worthy of praise, but the “ass-clapping” is not.

Truth be told, booty-clapping is just another way for overweight women to rationalize their excessive girth by giving it utility. A poor utility, certainly, but a utility none the less, and a disguise to the real problem; obesity.

Even funnier is when the narrator (Charlet Duboc) introduces herself and vaguely exclaims her motivations for coming. We all know the real reason why she went, however. Being the one seemingly well-put-together and young white woman among a crowd of deafening dark she-beasts is a good way of garnering exceptional treatment. She is basically becoming a “big fish in a small pond” so to speak. Plus she is a young white girl and they’re notoriously indiscriminate party addicts.

Also – notice the sign at 2:28 disclaiming “No Fat Chicks?” What is one of the first thing you see once inside the party? Several fat chicks slobbering on the faces of many a desperate man. Just another example of how dissonant and even contradictory the entire affair is.

To top it all off, the astounding level of *cough*“creative”*cough* and custom motorcycles should be a visual treat. Instead it looks more as if MySpace found its way to plaster itself over a bike festival. It is a shame, because motorcycles are typically beautiful pieces of machinery. Here they have been rendered gaudy and loud, which should be no surprise considering the demographic.

Fortunately, much of the comments on the video express similar sentiments, and has overall turned into a massive hate-fest, which is par for the course for any YouTube video in general I suppose.

Just another example of the underclass not giving a fuck.


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