Online Dating and Projection


Despite the massive changes that technology has brought upon the social landscape, with websites such as Facebook being prime examples, online dating still has a strongly negative stigma attached to it.

What is interesting is that despite this stigma, there are no shortage of women who use these sites. How come? It’s a legitimate question to ask considering that women are practically handed “social success” from every direction from ages 0-30. With so many ripe opportunities and people practically throwing themselves at most women, why would they need to resort to an online dating site of all things?

The answer came to me in the form of several women I came across on OkCupid  and even Plenty Of Fish a while ago, back when I actually cared to use such sites.

One woman had apparently rated me highly or something, so I took the initiative to look through her profile, to get some info before messaging her. Somewhere in there was a warning that she hates racists, especially white racists, despite herself being a young white college girl. I decided to play a bit and jokingly said the following:

“So what about us brown and mixed people? Can we be racists too?”

She proceeded to call me a self-hating bigot and told me to not waste her time in a typical angry and bitter fashion. I didn’t think much of it, so I moved on.

A short time later, another woman apparently rated me highly (as if that means anything at this point) and I decided to just go in and say hello. She responded rather angrily, and I called her out on it:

Me: “You’re just upset because you’re stuck on a dating site, as opposed to getting actual dates.”

Her: “You’re on here too…”

Me: “Yes, but I’m not angry about it though.”

Her: – Silence –

It’s interesting to see this is, and is probably just another sign of women’s collective frustration with the situation. Oh sure, when you have a bunch of men resorting to the internet for a romantic/sexual outlet they’re just losers who don’t deserve anything. Yet here we have an increasing number of women joining the ranks of romantically frustrated internet lurkers. I find it both hilarious and fitting, and it fuels my occasional trolling of such sites.

Another interesting observation is that in both cases the women in question’s first response to my inquiries was projection; i.e. “You’re a loser on a dating site too” and “You too are but a self-hating racist.”

Then again, insecure projection and shameless validation seeking seem to be the two primary uses women have for the internet, or most technology in general.

Take note: any woman you meet online will either be fat, an asshole, or both. It also doesn’t help that most of them see everyone else as sub-par, ironically enough. People tend to make choices not based on reason or rational, but their perceived status. Women take this ingrained bias to a whole new extreme, powered by their invincible mental hamsters, leading to the classic situation of low-value women inappropriately acting in away hardly merited by higher status women. Anything to avoid admitting their own failure at life, and God forbid doing something about it.

Just leave these creatures alone to stew in their own self-hatred and insecurity. You have better things to do.

If you have any social, sexual, or romantic frustrations, the internet is the last thing you should turn to for help. Go outside and take a martial arts class, or go to an entrepreneurial meeting, or if all else fails just ride your motorcycle off into the sunset. It helps me at least.


Why Are Women Allowed to Vote?


Though it is somewhat of a rhetorical question, I do genuinely wonder this from time to time.

I also thought that the only things people were entitled to were “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Voting is more of a privilege, like driving. Why should people who do not seriously participate in or contribute to a nation be allowed to have a say in how it is run? I’m being serious.

Weren’t there prerequisites for voting, once upon a time? If standards are a sign of what we do or don’t care about, then we care more about teenagers maybe buying some alcohol or smoking a joint than who gets to determine the supposed powers that be.

Imagine what things would be like if only those who had homes could vote, like it used to be? The shell game would be a lot smaller, certainly. If that’s too much, then why not determine one’s voting eligibility by their employment, or the utility/necessity of their occupation? Why should I have to take a lifelong paper pusher or college student seriously when discussing matters larger than both they and I? These types of people are basically overgrown children.

Women are overgrown children.

Despite this we take them seriously, all in the name of the false God of “equality” and the real demon that is “political correctness.” Not that it’s a big deal anymore. Once women flooded the voting booth, the entire practice overflowed and was devalued, kind of like what they did to wages by flooding the workforce.

There I go again, mentioning women and “workforce” in the same sentence, making the mistake of implying that they’re somehow related, when (for the most part) they are not.

Sitting behind a counter is not real work. Shuffling papers in an air conditioned cubicle is not real work. Working as an HR representative is not real work. About the farthest most women go is nursing, which is fine, except that literally almost all of them do this, or “hospitality management” or something. Yes, some women become doctors, for a little while, at least until they get married or just get tired of it all, usually sometime within the first 10 years of practice.

Here we are, as a nation, throwing equal tons of hours, training, and of course money at aspiring medical students aiming to become doctors, both men and women. Yet half of these (the female half) will not give anywhere near the same level of return as the other half (the male half). Sure, if I need my prostate checked I’d rather have a lady doctor do it, but even that never occurs. It sure as hell didn’t occur during our examination in basic training. Where the hell are all of our tax dollars going again?

Women have no real stake in any of this, in anything. They’ll just do what they always do and follow behind the men like lost puppies and beg for scraps, and most of us men will see their cute puppy faces and fall for the sham again, and again, and again. They do little to help build or grow civilization (and actually harm it in many ways) and we continue to allow them to have such power. We deserve everything we get so long as we allow the charade to parade forth unhindered, willingly being led by our dicks into the abyss.

Boners are powerful, but they can be tempered.

Single Motherhood Sucks According to Science

Not that this was news to anyone,at least not to anyone in this particular sphere of the web, or anyone with a reasonable amount of common sense.

As if the actual numbers and statistics, the demographics, of children raised by single mothers wasn’t enough; what with the increased risk of drug abuse, incarceration, decreased academic performance, increased promiscuity, higher levels of insecurity and social anxiety, etc. etc. etc.

Now we have Professor of Neuroscience, David Linden laying down a few interesting facts, namely that mothers make terrible mothers when on their own.

Of course you try to bring up these kinds of facts in public or during conversation and most people jerk their knees at lightning speed, and recoil with some variation of pre-programmed/politically correct nonsense:

“Mothers should get to choose who they live with/are married to!”

“The woman should get to choose!”

“So you just want to take away their rights as women/mothers?”

“Women can raise children just as well/even better than a man can! Everyone knows this!” (Strawman alert! Strawman alert!)

People will instantly blurt these responses out all the while completely missing the point.

This isn’t a dick measuring contest between men and women (it’s pretty obvious who would win). For all the talk about giving women the ability or right to choose, you want to know who has little say in all of this?

The fathers.

You know who has absolutely no choice in all of this?

The children.

No one cares about what they want though, as “oppression” is the natural state for children anyways (beneath their parents, at least) and no one cares what men think. So that just leaves women for the Social Justice Warriors™ to use as an excuse to justify their pitiful self-righteous rage.

Never mind the fact that women initiate the majority of divorces, putting them primarily at fault for ruining the childhoods (and possibly adulthood) of their offspring. That just makes you a misogynist and a supporter of Rape Culture.™

This is why every single mother should be shamed relentlessly, and before you go all NAWALT on me, yes there are exceptions. What’s you’re point? Most of these women are just making poor choices and decided that spreading their legs for the wrong person (or as is often the case, the wrong people) was a good choice. Let them bear the brunt of their terrible decisions and let the world see it in its full glory so that everyone else can start holding themselves up to some kind of standard. Do not date them, do not applaud them. Ridicule them for daring to spread their bastard spawn and terrible life philosophy onto others.

I’m not holding my breath for that one, however. Still, a guy can dream.