The Military and Subsidized Masculinity


I was talking to one of my friends on the phone the other night when he brought up that he was considering joining the military. Considering that I was in the military for a short period not too long ago, I guess it’s understandable that he would seek me out for a second opinion.

What was most interesting however were his reasons for wanting to join. He said that he “wanted to work for the government,” he currently does not have a job and not a lot of prospects, and most of all he “wants to do/see some real shit,” though he also clearly stated that he doesn’t want to really fight or kill anyone. I asked him what branch he was considering, and he was more or less indecisive and currently does not really know or care much at the moment. He also said that he wants to “be the real deal, like in Ranger school or Airborne.” He is also 32 years old and a very laid back guy.

I more or less tried to tell him that he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone but himself, and that if all he cares about is receiving certain certifications or training (i.e. marksman, martial arts, etc.) that he can always do that on the side as a hobby or hobbies while securing himself in other ways.

This conversation, more than anything, did get me thinking about the military in general and going back over many of the reasons and motivations for joining in the first place. Most people on the surface try to play off the PC angle of “Patriotism” and “serving your country.” The truth, however, is that those things have more to do with the marketing than the product itself.

The fact of the matter is that most guys go into the military because they have little to no other choice or options.

The 3 most common reasons I observed for recruits going in were either:

1. To support their family.

2. To help pay for various/student loans

3. It beats working at McDonalds or any other entry level job.

I went into the military just a couple weeks after my 21st birthday, and I honestly thought that I would be one of the older guys there. Surprisingly, I was one of 3 guys under the age of 23 in my platoon and one of the youngest out of our entire company. We had a number of guys in their  30’s and 40’s and even one guy in his 60’s. The majority of men there were in the 23-28 age range though. Typically the guys in this demographic (particularly the younger ones) had one common thread among them; a need to somehow “prove themselves.”

Basically, what these men were looking for was a clear and concrete path from adolescence to maturity, from boyhood to manhood. As I have noted before, this is basically what the entire Manosphere is about, more or less.

That’s all fine and dandy on the surface, but when you really start to think about it and read between the lines, it starts to get a little disturbing. Considering that anything the government does or buys or pays for is done with tax dollars, taxes paid for by we the people, the military industrial complex, at least from the average person’s perspective, is really just a way of paying our young men into adulthood, of buying them masculinity in a way.

It of course goes beyond that, however. Spend a little time in any of the “neighborhoods” on a decent military base and everything screams of rigid, lifeless, and subsidized. It’s almost like a higher form of welfare.

I particularly want to stress the age demographic of the men going into here however. Using my time in the military as a proxy, the average age of men going into basic were about 23-28, with 25 being the median. The average male life expectancy in the U.S. is about 76.

These men’s lives are about 1/3 over and they’re still desperately reaching for some way out of their extended adolescence.

The way it used to be in this country, you could have a good job by 15-18, be a “pillar of the community” and at least somewhat respected or taken seriously, possibly get married and have children and bada-boom, you were a man and free to roam the earth as a full-fledged adult. Now we have hipsters and foodies, proudly displaying their “minimalist” lifestyles of welfare and coffee shops.

The friend I mentioned at the beginning of the article was 32 years old, that’s even farther down the line to be grasping for this kind of stuff.

We’ve become a nation of boys and bitches.

Speaking of bitches, do not deal with any woman who is/was in the military or is considering joining. These women are merely being honest about how manipulative and usury-like they are. Take heed of their display and run away, as they will use you just the same.


Online Dating and Projection


Despite the massive changes that technology has brought upon the social landscape, with websites such as Facebook being prime examples, online dating still has a strongly negative stigma attached to it.

What is interesting is that despite this stigma, there are no shortage of women who use these sites. How come? It’s a legitimate question to ask considering that women are practically handed “social success” from every direction from ages 0-30. With so many ripe opportunities and people practically throwing themselves at most women, why would they need to resort to an online dating site of all things?

The answer came to me in the form of several women I came across on OkCupid  and even Plenty Of Fish a while ago, back when I actually cared to use such sites.

One woman had apparently rated me highly or something, so I took the initiative to look through her profile, to get some info before messaging her. Somewhere in there was a warning that she hates racists, especially white racists, despite herself being a young white college girl. I decided to play a bit and jokingly said the following:

“So what about us brown and mixed people? Can we be racists too?”

She proceeded to call me a self-hating bigot and told me to not waste her time in a typical angry and bitter fashion. I didn’t think much of it, so I moved on.

A short time later, another woman apparently rated me highly (as if that means anything at this point) and I decided to just go in and say hello. She responded rather angrily, and I called her out on it:

Me: “You’re just upset because you’re stuck on a dating site, as opposed to getting actual dates.”

Her: “You’re on here too…”

Me: “Yes, but I’m not angry about it though.”

Her: – Silence –

It’s interesting to see this is, and is probably just another sign of women’s collective frustration with the situation. Oh sure, when you have a bunch of men resorting to the internet for a romantic/sexual outlet they’re just losers who don’t deserve anything. Yet here we have an increasing number of women joining the ranks of romantically frustrated internet lurkers. I find it both hilarious and fitting, and it fuels my occasional trolling of such sites.

Another interesting observation is that in both cases the women in question’s first response to my inquiries was projection; i.e. “You’re a loser on a dating site too” and “You too are but a self-hating racist.”

Then again, insecure projection and shameless validation seeking seem to be the two primary uses women have for the internet, or most technology in general.

Take note: any woman you meet online will either be fat, an asshole, or both. It also doesn’t help that most of them see everyone else as sub-par, ironically enough. People tend to make choices not based on reason or rational, but their perceived status. Women take this ingrained bias to a whole new extreme, powered by their invincible mental hamsters, leading to the classic situation of low-value women inappropriately acting in away hardly merited by higher status women. Anything to avoid admitting their own failure at life, and God forbid doing something about it.

Just leave these creatures alone to stew in their own self-hatred and insecurity. You have better things to do.

If you have any social, sexual, or romantic frustrations, the internet is the last thing you should turn to for help. Go outside and take a martial arts class, or go to an entrepreneurial meeting, or if all else fails just ride your motorcycle off into the sunset. It helps me at least.

Single Motherhood Sucks According to Science

Not that this was news to anyone,at least not to anyone in this particular sphere of the web, or anyone with a reasonable amount of common sense.

As if the actual numbers and statistics, the demographics, of children raised by single mothers wasn’t enough; what with the increased risk of drug abuse, incarceration, decreased academic performance, increased promiscuity, higher levels of insecurity and social anxiety, etc. etc. etc.

Now we have Professor of Neuroscience, David Linden laying down a few interesting facts, namely that mothers make terrible mothers when on their own.

Of course you try to bring up these kinds of facts in public or during conversation and most people jerk their knees at lightning speed, and recoil with some variation of pre-programmed/politically correct nonsense:

“Mothers should get to choose who they live with/are married to!”

“The woman should get to choose!”

“So you just want to take away their rights as women/mothers?”

“Women can raise children just as well/even better than a man can! Everyone knows this!” (Strawman alert! Strawman alert!)

People will instantly blurt these responses out all the while completely missing the point.

This isn’t a dick measuring contest between men and women (it’s pretty obvious who would win). For all the talk about giving women the ability or right to choose, you want to know who has little say in all of this?

The fathers.

You know who has absolutely no choice in all of this?

The children.

No one cares about what they want though, as “oppression” is the natural state for children anyways (beneath their parents, at least) and no one cares what men think. So that just leaves women for the Social Justice Warriors™ to use as an excuse to justify their pitiful self-righteous rage.

Never mind the fact that women initiate the majority of divorces, putting them primarily at fault for ruining the childhoods (and possibly adulthood) of their offspring. That just makes you a misogynist and a supporter of Rape Culture.™

This is why every single mother should be shamed relentlessly, and before you go all NAWALT on me, yes there are exceptions. What’s you’re point? Most of these women are just making poor choices and decided that spreading their legs for the wrong person (or as is often the case, the wrong people) was a good choice. Let them bear the brunt of their terrible decisions and let the world see it in its full glory so that everyone else can start holding themselves up to some kind of standard. Do not date them, do not applaud them. Ridicule them for daring to spread their bastard spawn and terrible life philosophy onto others.

I’m not holding my breath for that one, however. Still, a guy can dream.

Black Bike Week

Never before have I experienced such staggering levels of cognitive dissonance.

On one hand, the documentary above presents a celebration of motorcycles and women, which in and of themselves are glorious. On the other hand, all that can be seen on screen is a messy and chaotic amalgamation of degeneration and “booty-claps.”

What is even more offensive is the idea purported by the narrator that these people are gathering in order to “celebrate the fallen soldiers of the U.S. Army.” I highly doubt that anyone of sufficient character or dignity would want to be “celebrated” this way.

Our fallen heroes must be rolling in their graves. Many good men have died all so people could gather and shake their lower fat-bags on top of motorcycles.

A lot of the footage tries to portray the women available as sexy, worthy of watching and chasing. Unfortunately, it merely highlights just how disgusting and out of shape these poor souls are.

Even the comparison between Black Bike Week and “White Bike Week” (i.e. Harley bike Week) falls flat. At least at White Bike Week I wouldn’t have to fear that my bike, wallet, or kidneys may get stolen. Plus there’s the added advantage of numerous nubile light-skinned beauties on display for the choosing. Overall it seems like the much better party, despite the narrator’s claim that Black Bike Week, or B.B.W. (Haha! Check out that awesome and oh so fitting acronym!) for having “better music.” Sure, the increase in sports bikes is worthy of praise, but the “ass-clapping” is not.

Truth be told, booty-clapping is just another way for overweight women to rationalize their excessive girth by giving it utility. A poor utility, certainly, but a utility none the less, and a disguise to the real problem; obesity.

Even funnier is when the narrator (Charlet Duboc) introduces herself and vaguely exclaims her motivations for coming. We all know the real reason why she went, however. Being the one seemingly well-put-together and young white woman among a crowd of deafening dark she-beasts is a good way of garnering exceptional treatment. She is basically becoming a “big fish in a small pond” so to speak. Plus she is a young white girl and they’re notoriously indiscriminate party addicts.

Also – notice the sign at 2:28 disclaiming “No Fat Chicks?” What is one of the first thing you see once inside the party? Several fat chicks slobbering on the faces of many a desperate man. Just another example of how dissonant and even contradictory the entire affair is.

To top it all off, the astounding level of *cough*“creative”*cough* and custom motorcycles should be a visual treat. Instead it looks more as if MySpace found its way to plaster itself over a bike festival. It is a shame, because motorcycles are typically beautiful pieces of machinery. Here they have been rendered gaudy and loud, which should be no surprise considering the demographic.

Fortunately, much of the comments on the video express similar sentiments, and has overall turned into a massive hate-fest, which is par for the course for any YouTube video in general I suppose.

Just another example of the underclass not giving a fuck.